Concierge Services

Concierge Addiction Treatment

 Addiction treatment is often difficult to access for many reasons:

  1. Providers in a particular area are not available

  2. A specific treatment program may not be available

  3. Patient may be reticent to ask for help (embarrassed or want total privacy)

  4. Family pressures pushing a patient to go for treatment

  5. Family who deny the patient has a problem

  6. Patients do not want their information shared with third party payers or employers

Concierge treatment is an individualized program that we are offering patients who have difficulty accessing a physician and counselor who both specialize in addiction treatment. The program is designed for those patients living hundreds of miles from access to care such as in rural Colorado (and surrounding States) or in the Colorado Rockies. There are few physicians who are expert in the field of addiction in many rural areas that this gap needs to be filled.

Our concierge program is designed to reduce the number of in office visits by substituting video conferencing so that patients do not have to disrupt their lives with trips to a physician whose location is hours away.

The providers will be available for video conferencing and for support during the patient’s treatment. Initially there will be several prearranged contacts (both face to face and by video conferencing). During the maintenance period contact times will be less frequent as the patient becomes more comfortable and stable. However, for more urgent situations, the providers will always be available. Crises will never have to be dealt with alone. The therapist and physician will be available for advice, support and encouragement for the patients during times of stress and difficult situations.

 A brief outline of the program is as follows:

 An intake screening call by the therapist to assess appropriateness for treatment is the first step.

A description of the program will be given and the cost explained.

An appointment will be made for a complete evaluation by the physician. This is a face to face meetings at the provider’s office.

Recommendations for treatment will be made and a consent for treatment will be signed.

A Urine Drug Screen will be performed at the office. Subsequent urine drug screening will be performed by a prearranged clinic or laboratory in your area. This will be done for the convenience of the patient.

Subsequent visits for the first year of treatment will be by video conferencing and every 2nd or 3rd month, depending on the stability of the patient’s recovery, a face to face meeting will be necessary.

Arrangements for treatment after the first year will be by further arrangement both with video conferencing and face to face meetings.

At any time during the course of treatment the providers will be available for emergency calls to discuss any problem that may arise.

Please note: The above is an outline of treatment, but the providers have the right, by consent of the patient, to change the plans as may be required because of unusual or changing circumstances and medical condition of the patient.