Addiction Medicine and Counseling
Addiction Medicine and Counseling
Ivor Garlick, MD PC & June Garlick LCSW Addiction Treatment - Counseling - Family & Individual Therapy

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 We've been providing services in
Colorado for over 35 years

Buprenorphine provider since 2004

Hundreds of patients’ lives dramatically changed using buprenorphine/naloxone combination medications for Opioid Use Disorder.

Patients, having “reached bottom,” who started medication assisted treatment (such as buprenorphine) are now living functional lives, raising children in a drug free home, going to college, earning degrees, succeeding, obtaining promotions at work, marrying, and thriving as never before.

The most common response from our patients after starting buprenorphine/naloxone: 


Our reply is:  “This is why we do what we do”

Probuphine Implant of Buprenorphine is also available at our office for appropriate patients.

About Us

We are a married couple and we have been treating substance use disorders since 1981 (Dr. Garlick) and 1997 (Mrs. Garlick). Our combination of specialties (Addiction Medicine, Internal Medicine and Social Work) have given us the rather unusual opportunity to provide comprehensive care, under one roof, to our patients. We focus on the patient’s needs for caring for physical, social and psychological issues in recovery as well as general health care advice.  The majority of our patients have opioid use disorders (heroin or prescription drugs).

Our success in treating patients rests in the philosophy of our approach of using medication assisted therapy, individual and family counseling and coaching recovery models. 

For patients who are motivated for self improvement and recovery, this outpatient setting is ideal for the treatment of opioid use disorders with medication assisted therapy and counseling.

We price our sessions reasonably and require as few sessions a month as is safely recommended so that patients do not have a significant financial burden. Our intention is that our patients are able to maintain their abstinence and live fully functional lives with as little stress as is possible.

Dr. Ivor Garlick

Ivor Garlick, MD FASAM CCHP

Dr. Garlick is Board Certified in both Addiction Medicine and in Internal Medicine. Since 1981 he has practiced internal medicine in Denver, Colorado, and was employed as the medical director of an inpatient alcohol rehabilitation center. His interest in the treatment of substance use disorders started early on in his career (he has been certified in Addiction Medicine since 1984). He has been actively involved in treating addictions both in hospital, and in out patient settings. Over 35 plus years Dr. Garlick has been witness to, and part of, Addiction Medicine evolving into an important medical sub-specialty. In 2009, he was one of the first groups of doctors to become Board Certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine. In 2017 he became a Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Dr. Garlick is dedicated to help people out of the distress of their dependencies on substances of abuse.

Mrs. June Garlick

June Garlick, LCSW

Mrs. Garlick is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has spent over 20 years working with clients recovering from addictive or substance use disorders. She is also Certified as a Family and Individual Therapist and has experience in coaching as a means of assisting clients. Her working career began as an elementary school teacher but she chose a second career and graduated as a social worker from the University of Denver in 1997. June’s main focus of therapy is mainly as a cognitive behavioral therapist. Her educational background and coaching skills enable her to help clients identify, understand and modify entrenched patterns of behavior in order to help them feel empowered and improve their coping skills to maintain abstinence and to prevent relapse. June is a very sincere and committed social worker whose compassion and skill has enabled many patients to fulfill their goals and dreams.